Chocolate bars reinvented

We’ve taken your favourite chocolate bars to the next level with less sugar, no nasties yet indulgent taste.
Peacoc Series X. Finally chocolate bars your can enjoy daily.

Tastes Like Magic 🤤

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“Currently trying to curb my bad snacking and saw these, love peanuts and love caramel. Absolutely spot on, so nice when I need a little treat. Will order again”

– Jenna T.

Absolutely superb taste. Much better than regular chocolate bars!

Peacoc bars taste really really good. Absolute future of chocolate bars.

Chocolate, coconut and peanut; what more could we ask for?

Reduced, unrefined sugar

Lower carbs

No palm oil or other nasties

Superior taste


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“This is the most delicious peanut caramel I have ever tasted!”

– Anna B.